Reference Production 2016

From the unedited text of Abel Neves –
O Cruzeiro, we recognized an inquietude relating to the concepts of family, secrets and promise. On the edge of a stone element the audience accompanies a family through the daily life of a tragic existence with a much greater threat that encircles them. A mother who made a vow of silence, punished by life itself, coexists with the attitude of the father, powerful in the dependence that blindness imposes on him, under whom two brothers survive, both sharing the same passionate stare for a feminine figure that magnetizes the whole family.

The construction of Abstention was purposely different. It was based on a script made for theater, with which we tried to respect the stage directions and the physical spaces where the action of Abel Neves’ text takes place.

How do we represent a village, a store, a threshing-floor, a house, a room without a realistic illustration from the scene of each of the elements of the markedly rural imaginary?

How to affirm this show with a social position, politically concerned in its narrative, where there is a relationship between Ethic, Moral and Power?

Light Design Guilherme Noronha and Rita Louzeiro

Music Jorge Salgueiro

Orality Teresa Lima and Sara De Castro

Corporeality Vânia Rovisco

Cast João Neca, Juliana Pinho, Raul Atalaia, Rita Brito and Sara De Castro


How do we reflect the situation of todays’ Europe and the role that several countries have in this authentic chess game – the international economic and financial policies? We wanted to associate each character to a flag and, consequently, a country.

The show was directed by Miguel Jesus, a member of O Bando’s board and part of the team for about 10 years. For the latter years he has been directing or co-directing (with João Brites) several of O Bando’s shows.

Travelling along Vergilio Ferreira’s homonymous novel, the actors debate the balancing difficulties before time’s inexorability, galloping over bodies covered with an evil emotional nudity: old age. A show with a strong visual impact, happening outside, where the memories scattered into falling objects and images, sliding on an inclined plane towards the void and outside ourselves.

Em Nome da Terra is a story of love and disintegration. “We are naked from the beginning, with no prior shame. A primitive nudity that we won’t know. Then we will dive on the river’s water. And we will gaze at the clear sky and with no stars. I will lower myself and with cupped fingers. I’ll carry water in my hands. And I will say for all future history: I baptise you in the name of the Land, the stars, and perfection. And you will say: It’s time!”

Dramaturgy/Direction: Miguel Jesus With Rui M. Silva, Ana Lúcia Plaminha, Rita Brito, João Neca
Scenography: Rui Francisco
Support to Scenography: Fátima Santos Music Jorge Salgueiro
Costumes: Clara Bento

Light design: João Cachulo, Guilherme Noronha