Three-Quarters by Sára Oláh-Horváth

The adolescent siblings (a girl and a boy) stay with their mother after the divorce of the parents, so the protected “four- quadrant” family becomes a “three-quarters” single-parent family. Why and how did the split happen? Who is “in charge”? The children and the mother are trying to process the trauma- caused by the divorce – separately. All three of them blame themselves. What does the father think about what happened? He is already absent. Prize-winning play of Kolibri Theatre’s drama competition shows the personality shaping effects of daily events through truncated scenes.

Father Mother Boy Girl by Holger Schober, translation by Kristóf Kovács

How does an orphaned boy acquire a family for himself? If he is a good boy and lucky, he will be adopted. If he is not lucky and not even a good boy, he adopts father, mother and sister. Can we be so miserable that we require the pretence of love? Hope dies last – right after the father.

The production – two one-act play which were presented on the 21st of March, 2015 – “Three-quarters” by Sára Oláh-Horváth and “Father Mother Boy Girl” by Holger Schober.

Both plays are suitable for audiences from the age of 14.
Cast: Melinda Megyes, Gábor Krausz, Zsófia Boróka Molnár, Tamás Mészáros

Director: József Tóth
Music lead: Szilveszter Bornai

Dramaturge: Péter Horváth

Literary consultant: Ákos Németh

Costume: Melinda Megyes

Leading technician: István Farkas