Elsinor Reference Production

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The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare

Finally, it is not a different work, it is not what audiences expect, it does not present a philological approach to the text. It is a rigorous experiment on language and on a new kind of show.

Ethical, social and cultural confrontation, conflict between love and friendship, the power of money loyalty and fairness: these are the main themes that will make us think about our present, moving away from the temporal limits of the period in which Shakespeare wrote.

What happens when Shakespeare meets the under 30 generation? A very young director (but not a novice) and a cast of young actors and co-workers have decided to rewrite this Shakespearean work, focusing on all the aspects that we no longer question about the play.

In this way, the text is free from all the classical elements people usually associate with Shakespeare. The new text is centred on the cruel irony and the obscene deterioration, which were typical of the author, so it is very far away from the traditional seriousness and austere respect of the tragedy lovers. The result could be cheeky.

In this play, Venice represents the epicentre of a moral earthquake, which will able to question the human conceit about being infallible, the inevitable and subtle line between order and revenge.

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