Kolibri Theatre (HU): Nightmare

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The topic of Nightmare is about how the refugee crisis is used to retain political power. On this inner journey the spectator is faced with multiple changes of viewpoints and positions, sometimes in the role of a refugee or an officer. A 10-minute walk in a tent where the world is widening up – at least in its sounds – however, the whole experience is about isolation. How much do you believe your ears? And your eyes? These were the questions we explored.

The Kolibri-team arrived in Italy with a fairly open concept, which included a draft script created together with our dramaturge Péter Horváth, a life-sized puppet, some curtains, a suitcase of technical gadgets and a military tent. We decided to spend the first few days exclusively test-recording under the technical leadership of our Czech colleague, Jan Pisa. Based on that experience we could finalise the storyline of our piece and used the contribution of most of the people available in our creative camp for our recordings.

In the tent we created different locations with curtains, and while the viewer was distracted or they were blindfolded, we changed the environment. Alongside the pre-recorded sound, which constantly tricked the audience member, we used live video-recording too and live acting with the participation of our actor Gergely Blahó and our designer Patricia Pajor.


Creators of Nightmare:

Dramaturge Péter Horváth, Design, actor Patricia Pajor, Actor Gergely Blahó, Pre-recorded actors Elisabet Topp, Tas Embiata, Ross Bolwell-Williams and others, Sound technician Jan Pisa, Composer, sound mixer Jan Čtvrtník, Author, director György Vidovszky