Co-production – Paper Cities

Emergency Exit Arts (UK) –  tjg. Theater Junge Generation (DE)

Paper Cities is a film that is the culmination of ideas told through a fusion of multiple art forms, giving young people a platform to share, dissect and celebrate the subject of the city. The outcome of much of this work has contributed to No Entry but is also edited into a short film animation that will be seen online and projected on a screen at Theater Junge Generation. Over a 3-month period, the artists have worked on a weekly basis in both schools and with our partners at the University of Greenwich Department of Creative Professions and Digital Arts where our young people had the opportunity to use state of the art animation studios to bring their drawings to life. The drawings are inspired by the young people’s fantasies and real life experiences of living in a metropolis.

The poetry project has centered on capturing the shifting landscape of London, celebrating its diversity, exploring differences between communities and the young people’s own experiences of being citizens in a busy metropolis.

EEA have continued to work with Plumstead Manor School to inspire young dancers to devise a series of movements that bring to life themes and ideas stimulated by the animations and poetry of Paper Cities. The animations were projected onto the young people while they were being filmed and the poetry from Plumstead Manor students was used as the soundtrack. The combination of these art forms created a moving illustrated world, which captured the young people’s experiences and aspirations of their shape shifting city.

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