Brighton Rock


By Graham Green

Adapted by Bryony Lavery

Co production between Pilot Theatre and York Theatre Royal

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“At Pilot, we seek to make grown up work for younger audiences, and to grapple with the drama, difficulty, joy and complexity of becoming an adult. ‘Brighton Rock’ is unflinching in its portrayal of some of the agonies of being seventeen: the quest to find self worth and identity, the delights and terror of intimacy, the search for a place to belong.” Esther Richardson (Director)

Based on the classic novel by Graham Green, Brighton Rock is set in the dark criminal underworld of 1930s Brighton.  As teenagers Pinkie and Rose become embroiled in a vicious gang war, one brutal murder leads to the next. Pinkie is the young but ruthless leader of one of the gangs but as his rival Colleoni gains more power, Pinkie’s hold on Brighton begins to unravel. Meanwhile, Ida Arnold suspects Pinkie of murder. Nothing scares her. Whatever the cost, she’ll see justice is done.

Writer Bryony Lavery, wrote about the text: “I had remembered that Brighton Rock was a dark and suspenseful thriller, that it was about life and death, that its complicated plot was driven by lowlife characters each with a questionable moral compass…what I hadn’t noticed on my early reading was how much Pinkie and Rose’s actions are dictated by their youth.”

Brighton Rock was accompanied by the engagement project ‘B_Rock’, inspired by the play text and performed by the Young and Talented theatre group at Theatre Royal Stratford East in London. The young people in the company had worked on the themes of the text to create a new piece.


Director Esther Richardson

Music Hannah Peel

Design by Sara Perks

Lighting Design Aideen Malone



Pinkie Jacob James Beswick

Rose  Sarah Middleton

Ida  Gloria Onitiri

Spicer/Ensemble Angela Bain

Cubitt/Ensemble Marc Graham

Phil/Ensemble Chris Jack

Colleoni/Ensemble Jennifer Jackson

Dallow/Ensemble  Dorian Simpson

Prewitt/Ensemble Shamira Turner

Musicians Hannah Peel, James Field, Laura Groves