Lady Macbeth & Do Fish Sleep?


Tallinn, Estonia

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Reference 1:

Lady Macbeth

after William Shakespeare

Who is Lady Macbeth? Is she a gentle woman or a power-hungry, manipulating monster? The Lady is supporting her husband in every way but also knows how to manipulate him. On the surface everything is fine, ideal even, but something is lacking in that relationship.

The prophecies of witches give hope to the Lady that her simple and human wish to be happy might come true – if only she gained the necessary power. And the Lady wants to be very very happy…

Director Margo Teder has created another way, how to analyze and interpret the famous story by W. Shakespeare – through the eyes of a committed wife, who´s love can be the most dangerous thing in the world.

Premiere: 19th of December 2017 at the National Library Theatre Hall


Translation Jaan Kross and Harald Rajamets

Director Margo Tede

Set Pille Jänes

Video Peeter Ritso

Sound Ago Soots

Light Triin Hook

Cast Elina Reinold, Ago Soots and Margo Teder


Reference 2:

Do fish sleep? by Jens Raschke

A story about the small, the big and the final questions

Juta is your ordinary 10-year-old girl. Only last year she still had a brother Emil with whom she got along very well. But Emil died last year. And now Juta looks back to the past year and tells about her parents, her school and about all the questions she has, but no-one seems to be able to answer them. Not even a simple question: do fish actually sleep?

German playwright Jens Raschke has written a brave and moving mono-drama about the grim yet inevitable side of life. He lets Juta ask all the questions we also would like to know. About death, but even more about life itself.

Target group: 10+

Translation Eili Heinmets

Director Aare Toikka

Set Illimar Vihmar

Light Sander Põllu

Sound Veiko Tubin

With Liisa Saaremäel