PLATFORM shift + sees its mission to stimulate and support a new beginning for European theatre in the digital age, to lead by example and generate debate about the future for theatre and audiences.

The professionalization of the artists must focus on activity, which enables them to achieve a deep and on-going understanding of the target group. The most effective way to do this is through engaging fully with digital technologies and the learning, expertise and participation of partners and young people. Digital technology will be used innovatively to foster artistic and professional relationships.

We will learn and create together in partnership across Europe and bring our common new knowledge and expertise back home into our daily working practices.

With all it’s activities PLATFORM shift + will have a major effect on future audience development strategies and enable artists to create and find work more effectively. It will have a long-lasting and influential impact on how theatres communicate with and work with artists and other creative partners in the future.



PLATFORM shift+ Meetings facilitate the exploration and creation of audience development models through the use of digital technology.

Regular meetings allow the network to reflect on, plan and develop the ways to access high quality training in digital technologies for theatre artists, staff and young people.


Annual Encounters

The Annual Encounters are the core of the PLATFORM project work, bringing together over 100 professionals from 11 partner companies.

These encounters allow partners to reflect on the artistic work of the previous year and to receive new inspiration for the next stages of the project in the Creative Forums, National and Co-Productions.

Youth Encounters

As audience development is the main goal of PLATFORM shift+, young people aged 14+ are central to all activities of the PLATFORM network.

A parallel national young people’s artistic process runs alongside all annual professional productions, including young people’s own theatre productions and a programme of workshops.