Pássaros / Birds

Teatro Dos Barris (PT) – Elsinor Centro Di Produzione Teatrale (IT) – Pilot Theatre Company (GB) – Fisp (Festival Internacional De Saxofone De Palmela, PT)

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Creation Teatro O Bando

Collective Text Inspired by Magical Realism

Dramaturgy and Staging João Miguel Neca Jesus

Co-Creation Guilherme Noronha

Music Jorge Salgueiro

Costumes Annamaria Cattaneo and Clara Bento

Scenographical Implantation Rui Francisco

Video Designing Ed Sunman

Musical Coordination Support João Pedro Silva

Orality Support Sara De Castro

Corporality Support Juliana Pinho



Guilherme Noronha, Manuela Sampaio, Paulo Lima And Raul Atalaia Locution Fernando Alves Special Participation In Video Giuditta Mingucci Community Participants Ana Correia, Ana Penas, Belisa Sequeira, Carla Espada, Carmo Franco, Catarina Ferreira, Cátia Rodrigues, Cecília Pedro, Cila Antunes, Cristina Sampaio, Edgar Costa, Emília Veloso, Filipe Freire, Francisco Pedroso, Gil Sidaway, Henrique Resende, Isabel Santos, Katsiaryna Drozhzha, Madalena Antunes, Maria Pereira, Matilde Andrade, Neuza Nogueira, Rita Antunes, Rita Santana, Sara Baptista And Tiago Sousa Live Musicians Ana Raquel Martins, Andreia Melo, Andreia Silva, Bárbara Alexandre, Beatriz Lourenço, Gonçalo Baião, Hélder Madureira, Helena Veloso, João Cordeiro, João Pedro Silva, Manuel Teles, Mário Prieto, Pedro Amaro, Rafael Baptista, Rui Costa, Sofia Ferreira And Vasco Avença

Fisp’s Recorded Orchestra | Saxophones João Pedro Silva, Diogo Baptista, Miguel Pulido, Manuel Teles, Andreia Silva, Rui Costa, João Cordeiro And Ana Raquel Martins Trumpet João Oliveira Trombone Nuno Correia Bass João Paulo Quítalo Drums And Percussion Pedro Martins Piano Rute Simões

Partnerships Sociedade Filarmónica Humanitária, Conservatório Regional De Palmela And Artemsax


In the beginning it was the flight. The will to cross borders together but with no partners in sight. On a train in Germany, João Miguel Neca Jesus began to learn how to fly and during the following months the project grew wings with the ideas exchanged by e-mail with Giuditta Mingucci and Esther Richardson.

BIRDS closes a trilogy drawn by four hands. A trilogy developed in the context of PLATFORM shift+, that began from that marvellous inquiry born from OF THE END, where we questioned until the spectator and the actor had their freedom, until the limits were extended, those of security or independence conferred by our mobile and digital means, and even until when we would have our own identity. It continued on THIS IS [NOT] EUROPE, where we questioned ourselves from an abstract and visual way. We questioned where our place was in this Europe where fraternity is in constant dispute.

João Miguel Neca Jesus

…something started. The form, unexpected though somehow foretold, begun to show itself. Like the strange creature in that hole in the ground, that we can observe, spy, but perhaps not understand.
A world where crabs invade homes and angels rain down from the sky – but will it really be an angel? From the earth emerges a spider that has the face of a woman, punished for her desire to dance, to live… Curious people go from one prodigy to another, content with the appearance, ignoring what they want to know. What is curiosity? What is knowledge? And what is the measure of desire?  Giuditta Mingucci


BIRDS was born from a continued relationship with our confrères and trainees that have accompanied us. Into that large community joins a broad group of musicians, with their saxophones playing live and many other recorded instruments, who bring the brightness of their sonority. So many crazy contributors that still make us believe that this collectivism, this live party, simultaneously unpredictable and rigorous, can take place again.

Italy, April 2018 It was the ideal place to trace the route of this flight. During that week it was possible to write all the shows’ dramaturgy, and at the same time to build a character: SIMURGUI (played by Guilherme Noronha). Alongside the physical and behavioural logics, the visual and scenography elements were be composed.

Palmela, June 2018 The final moments of this creation resulted in an unbelievable delivery. Through the persistence of all the participants of this project, the adversities and anxieties that take us when the moment of public presentation approaches, we united and responded with confidence and with an unshakable belief that together we can reach further. The differences do not separate us, they bring us together.

João Miguel Neca Jesus