More than 50 activities will connect theatre makers across Europe directly with young people in a creative dialogue. Between 2014 and 2018, these connections and artistic exchanges will result in the development of co-productions based on newly developed plays and concepts that correlate with the reality of the digital age.

The Final Productions/Events will be developed in collaboration with at least 3 partner theatres and their professional artists and with participation of larger groups of young people as performers/co-creators/technological advisors. The shows will be addressed to a wide local audience and made accessible globally.

VAT Teater (EE) – tjg.Theater Junge Geneartion (DE)  – Emergency Exit Arts (UK) – Theatre Massalia (FR)

Creative Activism (working title)

In our co-production we will explore the themes of cultural protest. We want to inspire, activate and ignite the next generation of creative activists. In each country, artists from the four cultural organisations will work with young people to explore a theme, which is linked to a social, political or environment concern, which will be identified by the participating groups. The chosen theme (which may be local or global) will then be explored through performative expressions, interventions and creative actions in our local communities/spaces/theatres. The co-production will challenge and subvert the idea of protest being about anarchic gatherings, rants and riots. The digital ambition is to make and share our work on “viral” platforms, creating gifs, memes and shareable content, which can be accessed and populated in the digital world. We want our work to be seen and experienced by a global audience and to stimulate thought and action.

Until the end of April 2018 the artists will work with the young people in their home countries. Then the team will meet in Forli (IT) to prepare a showing, which connects the results of workshops done in each country into one interactive artwork. This artwork will later be re-created in each country as a local showing.


Pilot Theatre (UK) – Teatro O Bando (PT) – Teatro Elsinor (IT)

BIRDS (working title)

Following several different moments that along the last 9 years have brought us together in many artistic exchanges, mostly concerning creative processes with and for the young age audiences, our theatres agree on reflecting together on the theme of flight as a migratory attitude, exploring the questions present in this almost encaged European lifestyle, where the concept of freedom is supported by walls and gates.

In its different presentations and forms (which will vary depending on the country where it is presented) BIRDS shall count with the participation of young people from the surrounding communities, involving their narratives and stories and mixing the participation of amateurs and professionals on stage. We want that BIRDS can be a multi-shaped theatre object that having a fixed structure can change from place to place with the inputs of the work developed there with the young participants. The theatre object may then be a medium size show that enlarges itself to be a large-scale event when there is that possibility. The presentations in Portugal, England, Italy and France may then be of different natures though they all relate to the work developed together by the artists of the different teams.

The project will mix different creators, technicians, performers and media artists from the three teams and will be developed inside PLATFORM shift+. We believe that the creative process is a result of many different shared ideas and our desire is that that shared process changes our way to do things, bringing all teams to an unknown land. Flying.


Eighteen is a participatory film-making project happening in 2018. The idea in its simplest form it is to work with a group of 17 year olds to tell a story across the year that they turn 18 through the form of a video diary. This is a durational project exploring the last year of childhood. And is a work that will be made across 2017/18, as the new century itself becomes a “grown up”.

As part of the project, the participants will each make a short film about themselves, or something that’s important to them over the course of the next year, but alongside this process we will make a longer form film about this story.

Additionally, we want to explore working with young people online who are interested in the project but not able to get to a local group. A framework will be developed where it’s possible to take part wherever you are in the world.


Kolibri Theatre (HU), Teatret VÅRT (NO) – South Bohemian Theatre/Small Theatre (CZ)

Binaural Sound Project (working title)

Our starting point is to explore the use of binaural sound in theatre and to play around with technology and with different ways of storytelling.

We will create a set of three individual short pieces in which the pre-recorded sound plays the main role. Each audience member will follow our sound-design through headsets, which hopefully will give them an exceptional experience.

One of the pieces might be site-specific (the audience members will be in a real – possibly outdoor – space, they might wander around, following instruction they hear through their gadget). It can be in nature or in a shopping mall (in a shop window for instance).

In another piece (‘Invisible theatre’) the audience members can go into a black box-like venue, set up in a certain way. We will make the room completely dark during the show. We change the environment around them while they are listening to a kind of radio-play in the dark, and welcome them in another environment in the end.

The question is how far we can explore binaural sound in a site-specific situation. Which environment suits better to highlight the quality of binaural sound, the difference between regular sound recordings and binaural, 3D sound experiences? We might use two channel headsets, which enable the audience members to explore different versions of a story or an event.