More than 50 activities will connect theatre makers across Europe directly with young people in a creative dialogue. Between 2014 and 2018, these connections and artistic exchanges will result in the development of co-productions based on newly developed plays and concepts that correlate with the reality of the digital age.

The last season of PLATFORM shift+ was dedicated to the work on the four final co-productions/events. Based on the experiences of the bi-national co-productions of the previous seasons, they were developed in collaboration with at least 3 partner theatres and with the participation of larger groups of young people as performers/co-creators/technological advisors. The European creative teams met several times during the season to discuss the concepts and to plan the schedules.

In April 2018, all of the artists involved in the four productions gathered in Italy for 10 days. Situated in the picturesque little town of Bertinoro, the Residential Centre of the University of Bologna was the ideal place for an intense common rehearsal period. Parallel to the rehearsal camp, the 4th PLATFORM shift+ Youth Encounter took place in Forlì. It gave the professional artists the opportunity to present their rehearsal results to young people from 5 different countries. The young people were introduced to the different concepts and could see presentations. The artists were pleased to get them involved in their projects and to be able to check the effect and the immersive aspects of their projects. Each presentation ended with an intense debate between the artists and the young people, and the professionals could continue their work based on this supportive feedback.

The four co-productions/events present a large increase in the diversity of content and form/aesthetic. Of course, they all implement digital elements, but their approaches are quite different. The productions are an impressive example of how European diversity can be brought together to produce common artistic products of high quality and effect.