After four years, PLATFORM shift+ has come to an end. 11 companies from 9 European countries had four years of intense working, learning and co-producing. Each year an Annual Encounter took place, presenting the productions developed in that season and bringing the artists involved in a direct exchange.

The final Annual Encounter was hosted by Theatre Massalia in Marseille (France) in October 2018. It was preceded by the fourth PLATFORM shift+ Youth Encounter, which brought together 45 young people from eight countries in La Friche, the impressive building, where theatre Massalia is located. The week of activities for the young people included workshops and rehearsals that will lead to an open-air presentation under the title Europe at Play. It was a welcoming presentation for the 40 professionals, who arrived for their final Annual Encounter, and of course for an interesting audience from Marseille.

In their meetings the professionals looked back to the previous season for one last time. They presented and discussed their final co-productions/events and their National Creative Forums, and they evaluated the ending of this EU-project.

For two days professionals and young people worked together at the final PLATFORM shift+ event Good luck, Europe, an unusual kind of birthday party. The extraordinary experiences in PLATFORM shift+ of artists and young people from 9 European countries were only possible because the Treaty of Maastricht came into force at November 1st, 1993. A great reason to celebrate, to eat and drink together, to dance and sing, to exchange memories and wishes, anecdotes and recipes, songs, poems, photos and more. All “platformers”, professionals and young people, and their guests from Marseille, created an unforgettable party night, which strongly reminded us of the unique opportunities only possible in a common Europe without borders.

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