Co-Productions – Three Musketeers Only

South Bohemian Theatre (České Budějovice, Czech Republic) / Emergency Exit Arts (London, Great Britain)

A story that is older than your grandma. A theatre performance that is even better than a holiday in Provence.

What would happen if only three of the three musketeers remained?

One of the most famous novels of all times, in a unique summer-style traveling adaptation for three actors. Don’t wait for d’Artagnan and take cover!

We perform under the stars.

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Co-Production Process

We agreed with Emergency Exit Arts on a co-production called “Invasion”. Our original idea was to have a five day long happening, with a large space ship installation during the big student festival in Budweis in May. We started to work on it and prepared a rough concept, which did not contain the whole idea. We expected that this idea would arise out of our meeting with the two colleagues from EEA, which took place in Budweis in December 2016. We worked on the concept for three days and developed lot of ideas, but the plan was quite risky. We were not sure that we could reach a successful end product with it. The concept did not fit the idea of having an installation, which would be managed by a maximum of three people who would travel with it. The idea developed into a big spectacle with a large number of actors and volunteers. We would be hardly able to present it in Dresden or anywhere else (it would only be possible in Budweis). And there was almost no chance to go to other festivals due to the big organizational requirements of the project. So we had to rethink the whole concept.

After New Year 2017, we had a radically different concept of a street theatre show. The name of the show is “Only Three Musketeers”. It is inspired by the world famous novel of Alexander Dumas, but the story is about what happened before D’Artagnan appeared (something like the prologue of The Three Musketeers). Three musketeers tell their stories of how they became heroes after starting out as normal men.
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