Radio Don Quijote

Radio Don Quijote 

Teatret Vårt

Molde, Ålesund, Norway

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After the government closed the FM-band six people have joined in the effort to re-open the FM-band with their own radio station placed in a community hall. The audience is equipped with radios and headsets to watch this voluntary act take place. It is literary an adventurous play!

In a time where madness is broadcasted over a low threshold, Aurora is idealistic in leading a crusade against alluring and instrumental understandings of reality. With her faith in the project, education, and with the ability the arts have to develop insights into oneself, she is fighting for a world where literature can still give us answers!

The aim of the radio station is to tell the story of one of the best books in the world: Don Quijote.

It is said that Don Quijote was totally mad – that he fought windmills because he thought them to be giants, that he fought sheep because he thought them to be armies, and that he did this and more bravery for a princess named Dulcinea, invented by himself.

The six volunteers take all the means of radiobroadcasting and the whole community centre in when they try to give you the answers to all the questions you might have about the masterpiece Don Quijote. To them Radio Don Quijote is the fight for an understanding of reality that makes life worth living. It just can’t go wrong….

Experience the magic of radio theatre unfold before your eyes.

This play has led to an experimental learning process with sound and has been a way to reach new levels of competence in the technical department, especially related to sound. The theatre is proud of experimenting with form and technical solutions to create a new way of presenting a classic piece of literature.

Freely interpreted after Cervantes
Director: Tormod Carlsen
Scenographer: Thomas Bjørnager
Actors: Vivi Sunde, Bjørnar Lisether Teigen, Johanna Mørck, Hugo Mikal Skår, Lars Melsæter Rydjord og Sara Fellman.
Sound: Ingvar Kristensen