Co-Productions – Short Circuit

Kolibri Theatre (Budapest, Hungary) / VAT Theatre (Tallinn, Estonia)

Based on the concept of György Vidovszky, Péter Horváth and Kristiina Jalasto

Have you ever wondered what makes your gadget so clever, up-to-date and thoughtful? It remembers everything that you have done, it follows your desire and tries to figure out what you want to hear or see. But what – or, more accurately, who is behind the screen? Let’s take a look at the mission of the Cookie Academy’s best students, the Smart Commando. Their task is to secretly follow a family whose members are online nearly all day. However, the son, Erik goes online in a very unusual way…

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Log off (Working Title) by Kristiina Jalasto

The co-operation between Kolibri Theatre and VAT Teater continues in the 2017/18 season. Estonian author, Kristiina Jalasto, will create a new play based on the material gathered whilst creating ideas for the Hungarian show “Short Circuit”. In the new play, with the working title “Log off”, “Kristiina Jalasto will let her plot unfold from the perspective of Al., who tries to understand the behaviour of humans both inside and outside of the Internet. As the two worlds, each one with very different logic and rules, melt together with increasing pace, the machines feel they have to learn everything they can to prevent errors or maybe even something worse.
The premiere of the Tallinn´s production will take place at the end of March 2018.
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