Remembering the Future

In 2015 Imagining the Future… has given EEA and associate artist Alex Evans the opportunity to work in collaboration
with digital artists Hellicar & Lewis ( Young participants, age 13 – 17, have been creating content for an interactive experience for the general public. The theme is “the future” and the participants have been imagining what the year 3000 and beyond will look and feel like. Combining visual arts, performance and computer-generated sensory input (Augmented Reality), participants have been inventing characters that they believe could inhabit the future.

These characters and scenic backdrops will be downloaded onto large screens in town centres, shop windows and venue foyers and will appear as a surreal digital reflection of anyone who interacts with the screen. Unveiling the installation in each area will be our Street Arts Academy performance ensembles who will be animating the public spaces at each installation, creating participatory moments that will entice the public to interact and play with the digital worlds they have created.

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Creation by Hellicar & Lewis in association with Alex Evans (EEA)

Producer: Ross Bolwell-Williams

Associated Artists: Arji Manuelpillai, Lisa Hayes, Louise du Foremont, Maddi Kludje, Poppy Kay

Design & Cast Students from The Albany, Tara Arts, Waterman’s Arts Centre, The Artsdepot, Millfield Arts Centre and Harrow Arts Centre