PLATFORM shift + sees its mission to stimulate and support a new beginning for European theatre in the digital age, to lead by example and generate debate about the future for theatre and audiences.

The professionalization of the artists must focus on activity, which enables them to achieve a deep and on-going understanding of the target group. The most effective way to do this is through engaging fully with digital technologies and the learning, expertise and participation of partners and young people. Digital technology will be used innovatively to foster artistic and professional relationships.

We will learn and create together in partnership across Europe and bring our common new knowledge and expertise back home into our daily working practices.

With all it’s activities PLATFORM shift + will have a major effect on future audience development strategies and enable artists to create and find work more effectively. It will have a long-lasting and influential impact on how theatres communicate with and work with artists and other creative partners in the future.

National Productions

New performance models will be developed to reflect the growing importance of non-written, conceptual work in contemporary theatre.

The merging of new aesthetics with technology will be presented in public performances that take place in, on, and across various platforms, utilising the participative nature of digital technology.


As results of the artistic exchanges, the network will develop 40 co-productions based on newly developed plays and concepts.

The co-productions will correlate with the learning across the network, implementing the thematic issues and technologies of the digital age within the four years of the project (2014 -18).

Reference Productions

In addition to the National Productions, each company produces a piece of work related to PLATFORM shift+ in either its content, form, or audience.

These can be varied in form, ranging from a series of workshops, performances, installations, touring productions, or other devised works. These are known as Reference Productions.