Is Europe in Me?

Is Europe in Me?

tjg. theater junge generation

Dresden, Germany

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Is Europe a pot of money or a community of values? Should it seek freedom or security? (Is that a contradiction?) And where does this “Europe” actually lie? On the map? At the end of a railway line in the Urals? Or in ourselves?

The topic “Europe” raises many questions, some of them delicate, uncomfortable, perhaps even unsolvable. Thirteen players from the Theaterakademie of tjg. theater junge generation, eleven teenagers and two adults, researched and discussed these questions for half a year. In Is Europe in Me? they stage interviews with people whose views of Europe they found interesting and relevant – at home, at school, at the Chancellery and at the Pegida demonstrations. The opinions obtained are as disparate as the theatrical forms in which the material finds its way into the production. The audience is also invited to share their point of view as a voting system for live-feedback is incorporated into the performance. Up to 100 spectators can vote via remote control for two alternative options. The results are shown immediately in the form of a bar graph on a projection screen. At the end of the evening, after twelve votes, each player represents a decision and wears an appropriate costume. This creates a vivid image for Europe: colourful, complex and somewhat confusing. Viewers may wonder if this image represents a Europe in which they would like to live. Could and should a Europe of the future look like this? Which aspects matter most? Which voting results should have been different?

Is Europe in Me? was produced in cooperation with “Weiterdenken – Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung Sachsen”.



Directing and Theatre Education Anke-Jenny Engler

Set and Costumes Ulrike Kunze

Music  Katharina Lattke

Dramaturgy Kathi Loch

With Felix Fischer, Friedrich Forstmann, Kerstin Fugmann, Ada Greifenhahn, Lilly Kramer, Philipp Müller, Matthias Naumann, Michael Pflaum, Amelie Scharschmidt, Alexandra Melissa Stock, Elise Thürmer, Caroline Ufer, Anna Widiger