Odette Bereska

[email protected]

Odette studied Theatre at the Humboldt University in Germany/ Berlin (East). For Six years she was developing scripts for movies and was moderating a programme for children and youth in TV.

From 1991 to 2005 Odette was the chief literary manager of the biggest theatre for a young audience in Germany (carrousel Theater an der Parkaue in Berlin). She was part of the Artistic Leadership renewing the structure and the programme of the theatre after the reunification.

Then Odette started to work also as a playwright (mainly adaptation of novels for different age groups) and as a director (often in combination of professional puppet and actors theatre).

Since 2005 she has worked as a freelancer, mainly as a director in Germany and Norway.

From 1999 on Odette has been one of the three initiators of EU-funded theatre projects like “European Schoolyard stories”, “Magic Net”, PLATFORM 11+ (www.platform11plus.eu) and PLATFORM shift+.