Pilot Theatre

Pilot Theatre is a multi-platform organisation. They work with diverse teams to make a wide range of work for a range of audiences. By working with artists of the highest calibre across all our platforms it enables us to make new ‘pilot’ projects – original commissions, theatre tours, conferences, workshops, digital delivery and participatory projects.

Based at York Theatre Royal, UK, since 2002, they are one of very few national touring mid-scale companies to be based outside London and are therefore able to offer unique training & work opportunities for artists and young people in mid-scale touring that they may be unable to get anywhere else in the region.

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Working with excellent established artists they nurture emergent talent and develop next practice with leading practitioners and teams across all our platforms of delivery. The audiences and communities they reach are reflected by the teams who make and deliver that work.

Pilot’s planned programme of work focuses on creating ‘new work from diverse voices’ where new and reimagined texts hold meaning and relevance especially to our target audience of young people. This work is structured on five strands – Touring Theatre, Participation, Learning, International Outreach Online.

[pullquote cite=”The Guardian” type=”right”]”Pilot Theatre has an enviable reputation for transmitting classic drama on a young person’s wavelength.”[/pullquote]

Pilot Theatre’s website includes information about current and previous projects, including videos, podcasts, educational resource material, photographs and reviews.

They have produced, delivered, and presented a wide range of work over the last few years, including the six Camera Livestream of the York Mystery Plays for The Space, the award winning tour of  Looking for JJ and more recently the acclaimed Blood + Chocolate, as well as adaptations by Roy Williams of The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner and Antigone.

Their feature film The Knife That Killed Me was co-produced with Green Screen Productions with UK distribution.

They have run their Shift Happens Programme of TED style talks since 2008, TEDxYork in 2011, and No Boundaries since 2014.

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