National Productions 1

The National Production is in the focus of the first project period. In January 2015, in Budweis (CZ) the Artistic Kick-Off workshop brought together writer, directors and other artists from each theatre for a common briefing on the processes. Preparing the National Production the artists engage with young people to gather themes for new plays/concepts in new aesthetics. PLATFORM shift+ focuses on the creation of short plays/concepts (20-30 minutes) to maximise the range of work that can be practically achieved. This will also make experiments with digital technology more possible.

New performative models are encouraged alongside the traditional text-based play to reflect the growing importance of non-written, conceptual work in contemporary theatre. Opportunities to merge these new aesthetics with digital technology are supported. Site specific -, public space – and other innovative theatre are explored to discover artistic links with the open and participative nature of digital technology.

11 new developed short plays/concepts, based on research among young people, will be presented at the 1st Annual Encounter in Lisbon and Palmela, Portugal, in June 2015. Each company will choose from the pool two more plays/concepts.

The National Production, consisting of 3 parts and including the use of digital technology, will be produced in season 2015/16.

A youth production will run in parallel with each professional production. This will adopt the same theme and be developed with the support of the professional artists.

You can find out more about the artists involved in the process of the National Productions by visiting the Partners page.