A theatre that you must experience

South Bohemian Theatre

České Budějovice, Czech Republic

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This is not a theatre performance: this is a game. There is no auditorium and no stage. It is a story that you can see only through the eyes of one of the characters. GAME is participation theatre based on the LARP (Live Action Role Playing Game) principles – a game where fictional characters play in real space and time. It is like playing a board game on a playing field the size of a tennis court. You need no game piece, because you are one yourself.

The players turn up at the arranged time and we will drive them to a secret place to play the game. There is no emergency exit, and there is no recovery password. The players have to play the game and finish it. They will spend approximately two hours there, and then we will drive them back to the meeting place. They will be told the rules on the spot, and they will go through the game as one of the 50 characters in the story. To win they will have to solve all the problems of their character and fulfil all of his/her wishes. They will be able to influence the development of the game at any time, both through their decisions, their words and acts. The way their story ends is up to them only. The participant is not to use his/her skills as an actor/actress, but as a player. To play this game, the players will need to be ready to move around and perform tasks (physical activities, logic exercises, active communication with their fellow players). All GAME participants need to take on an active role during the game, and they cannot simply be “bystanders”. Lighting effects, shooting, absolute darkness and scenes depicting explicit violence may be used in the course of the game. The game is not suitable for those under 15 years of age. To participate in the game the players will have to follow the 1930s dress code. The game begins the moment you buy your ticket.

Director Janek Lesák

Screenplay Janek Lesák, Natálie Preslová

Stage Karel Čapek

Music Jan Čtvrtník

Dramaturgy Natálie Preslová

Cast Martin Dobíšek, František Hnilička, Petr Hubík, Dana Ibragimová, Terezie Jelínková, Jan Kaštovský, Denisa Posekaná, Aleš Surma, Lucie Valenová, Bartoloměj Veselý, Vjačeslav Zubkov