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Lights Out

In the air there is still a hint of tension, a shadow dance between the rows of seats, a last flicker and then: the lights go out. A theatre moves and leaves a building full of history and stories. Young people of tjg. theater academy sneak onto the main stage for the very last time, listen to the whisper of the planks, the creaking of cables, pack boxes and dance tracks in the dust of the past.

Tjg is facing a major challenge in 2016 / 2017, when the theatre will move from its current dilapidated and remote site to the city centre to the so-called “Kraftwerk Mitte”, a former historic power plant.

While the process of connecting the past, the future and the present always seems to be a natural part of ambitious contemporary theatre work, the children and youth theatre of Dresden carries the word “generation“ in its name and is now facing the challenge to keep all the networks and connections with its audience that have been shaped and tightened through the decades.

So the staging of “Lights out“ is trying to establish a virtual and temporary theatrical connection lasting for the duration of the performance between the decades and between different generations taking part as an audience, that will be directed and connected by messages and sounds via headphones, starting outside the theatre and slowly moving inside towards the main stage, where finally the lights will be turned off once and for all.

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Director Karen Becker
Stage / Costumes Ulrike Kunze Music Katharina Lattke

Performers Jannes Donner, Ada Greifenhahn, Amelie Großer, Katharina Felde, Lydia Henkel, Lisa Naumann, Julia Metzner, Michael Pflaum, Paula Preuß, Christin Schanz, Melissa Stock, Carolin Ufer.