Co-production – No Entry

tjg. Theater Junge Generation (DE) – Emergency Exit Arts (UK)

No Entry is a video walk exploring the zones where young people are not allowed to enter: no go zones. There are zones that you long to get inside. There are zones that you are forced to leave. There are zones in cities, zones in the body, zones in the mind. When you are not allowed in, how do you create access for yourself? What role does imagination play in this? The structure of the piece is an anthology. The audience is given access to different “zones” which are forbidden to them – or to other people. People move from physical zone to physical zone by moving through the building. On their mobile/tablet, digital content is triggered by their movement. They see dance films, interviews, no go zones in different countries, photos, drawings, animations. Through headphones they hear interviews, spoken word, songs. On screen, there is a large and diverse cast: professional performers, young amateurs, young offenders in Dresden, interviews with people in London, Fukushima, Berlin, America. Experts in their field tell us about their experience.
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The “game master” is the digital device. Commands about how to move through the piece are issued in writing by the device. The device has two live “minions” who rush around, constantly shifting roles in order to fulfill the commands of the game master. A young man (Moritz Stephan) and a young woman (Iris Pickhard) slip into different roles to allow the audience to follow the instructions of the device. They do not give instructions; they are the gateway to the zone.

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