Emergency Exit Arts – Reference Production

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The Broken Plate: Drawing on the Past, Looking to the Future

As part of our research we have developed a relationship with the University of Greenwich, Department of Creative Professions and Digital Arts. Our artists have been able to work with academics, students and technicians to create our reference production, The Broken Plate: Drawing on the Past, Looking to the Future, which is supported by Arts Council England. This artistic collaboration traces the stories of the people and the built environment connected to the site of the University’s architecturally significant building.

Three deep water wells were excavated during the construction of the building and numerous artefacts were uncovered, including a broken plate depicting redundant grave diggers sitting idle while a mechanical digger does the work. This scene resonates with the new building, a beacon of technological advance, and signifies the passage of time and the passing into memory of former industries and practices.

EEA associate artists Alex Evans, Lisa Hayes, Zhan Wang, Anna Bruder, Arjunan Manuelpillai and Nick Cattermole have created a site specific promenade performance with interactive experiences and digital installations, inside and outside the building, which will attract new audiences to the space. The artists have also involve local residents and school children in the creation of animated drawings, sound installation and projected graphic designs that draw on the history of the site and imagine the future of the city.

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