Théâtre Massalia

Marseille, France

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In 2017, as part of PLATFORM shift+, the MASSALIA THEATRE invited Cyril Bourgois to create an investigative web TV, animated by a team of puppets: THE MASSALIA WEB TROTTERS, manipulated by teenagers from 12 to 18 years old.

During the 2017-2018 season, they conducted interviews with artists.

KL@NG is a step further for this project, extending this group of youngsters to achieve a live show combining puppet, video, digital application and protest.

The show was performed on the 26th and 27th May 2018 as an ambulatory in La Friche Belle de Mai.

The project developed extracts from Emmanuel Darley’s play Flexible, hop hop! dealing with the mutation of industrial sites.

Both the young actors and Actionbound (a treasure hunt application) were guiding the audience through the old tobacco factory that became one of the biggest artistic “friche” in Europe.

To build this puzzled narration, the teenagers researched in Marseille’s archives about La Friche’s past. They built their own puppets and were trained to manipulate them in videos which were projected and featured in live extracts all over La Friche.

Some of them were already very comfortable with interview techniques but they all had to learn shooting with green screen using archive images for background.

KL@NG was at the end their project, in which they had the opportunity to engage the audience about the world of labour, and they made the event resonate with personal protest about their future.



THE MASSALIA WEB TROTTERS Alan, Anna, Bouchra, Dimitri, Eva, Fabien, Klara, Léna, Lyna, Manon, Mohammed, Nils, Sérine, Soha, Zoé

Directors Cyril Bourgois, Claire Latarget

Video editor Cyril Bourgois

Text Emmanuel Darley, special thanks to Dominique Darley-Berbé