Into The Unknown

Vårt Theatre (NO): Into The Unknown / Enter The Void

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Into the unknown/Into the void is horror theatre for brave people over 13 years. One night many years ago on the west coast of Norway somewhere, a cruel crime was committed. Many were suspected in this case, but no one was charged, no one was charged to the court, no one was punished. The police had few traces and the case was never explained. That’s how ghosts are. Gentle spirits that cannot rest on the other side.

Madame Solange has long experience as a clear medium and guarantees you contact with spirits on the other side. She travels across land and beach and holds seances in her caravan. You will be able to get in touch with ghosts, which can give you answers to the big questions of life. But it’s never harmless to ask the other side for help.
The performance blends your own imagination, new technology and modern grief stories in the setting of a caravan. Joining “the unknown” takes about 20 minutes and who knows what may be revealed. Do you dare?

This pop- up theatrical event was then toured to Budweis in the Czech Republic, Kaposvar in Hungary and in September 2018 we met again for a spectacle under the Høstscena theatre festival in Ålesund.