Malé Divadlo

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Humans of Budějovice

The unique experiment to put the whole town on stage involved exactly 100 inhabitants of České Budějovice, each of them representing 1 % of the city population. The project was initiated by the students of the local Secondary Grammar School and is a co-production of the student festival “Budějovický Majáles” and the South Bohemian Theatre.

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Janek Lesák and Bartholoměj Veselý are working with the students of High school Česká on the concept for National production.

Janek Lesák

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Janek Lesák, a graduate of Stage Direction at the Department of Alternative and Puppet Theatre of the Faculty of Theatre, Academy of Performing Arts (KALD DAMU), is the director, scriptwriter, script editor, and founder of the Art Group UMSKUP and founder of the theatre festival Hot Needle, co-founder of the theatre project working with mentally handicapped students “Theatre has sense” and lecturer of creative writing.

In 2014 he became the in-house director of the Small Theatre in České Budějovice. He loves coffee with milk.

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Bartholoměj Veselý

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Bartholoměj studied Musical Theatre at the International Conservatory of Prague. His acrobatic ability has seen him secure roles in Kam se poděla Valérie in SEMAFOR theater in Prague. As a student he achieved a best performance award at the “Studentská Thálie”. His other performances have included MC in the classic Czech cabaret show Kabaret U Fleků, as well as Romeo a Julie vedle Romia und Julietty, Valdštejn, Dvě komedie v komedii, and Ambrosia as part of the his affiliation with the theatre group Geisslers Hofcomoedianten.

After he graduated from the Conservatory he began his relationship with Malé divadlo in České Budějovice in 2014.

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